The name Luo Yijun calls to mind a kind of absolute literature that transcends experience and creates experience. Born in Taipei in 1967, Lui Yijun started his writing career in college. He won the National Taiwan Literature Award in 2009 and the Dream of the Red Chamber Award in 2010. At their core, Luo’s works are about urban existence in modern Taipei, but he comes up with his own trajectories out of the concave continuities in a heterogeneity of experiences, video games, rumors, news events, Facebook posts, memories, dreams, letters, and readings. Luo’s polychromatic word-images mesh together to turn out fictional scenes full of complications, innuendos, and goosebump-inducing weirdness, fictional scenes that demand a reconstruction of everything you thought you knew. With his prodigious narrative ability, Luo has pioneered a uniquely fictional space-time that makes him one of the most original writer in Taiwan. Although Luo as a storyteller is a wildman, the man himself is humble: he claims that unlike those of his father’s generation, whose lives were filled with stories, he was born into an era of “experience deficiency.
Luo compares himself to Aesop’s crow in borrowed feathers. When God held a contest to find the most beautiful bird, a dazzling five-color bird stood out from the others, caught His eye and was crowned champion. However, upon closer scrutiny, the other contestants, including a peacock, a flamingo, a nightingale, a blue magpie, and an owl found their feathers among the plumage of the five-color bird. Incensed, they rushed toward it and retrieved their feathers. The five-color bird is humiliatingly exposed as a black crow. “Spencer Tunick (a nude photographer who appears as a character in Luo Yijun’s Xixia Lüguan or Xixia Inn) says this is my story. Sometimes people can’t tell when I’m writing from my own experience and when I’m borrowing from others. Like the crow that used borrowed feathers to reinvent itself in a dazzling new form, I borrow stories from others that I find magical and enthralling.” (Notes of an Experience Deficient Man). What the crow does not know is that it represents the origin of art, because art has always come from the cultivation of craftsmanship, never from inborn nature. A peacock is born to be a peacock, a flamingo to be a flamingo. Their appearances are merely God’s gift, a fulfillment of the nature they have been given. ”READ MORE



Family of the Moon

The Third Dancer


Red Character Group

My Future Second Son’s Memories of Me

Xixia Inn〈God’s Play〉
Xixia Inn〈Railway〉
Xixia Inn〈That evening〉



Daughter , Ink, 2014 《女兒》(印刻,2014)
Book of Face

Book of Face , Ink, 2012     《臉之書》(印刻,2012)
Xixia Inn

Xixia Inn , Ink, 2008 《西夏旅館》上下冊(印刻,2008)
Notes of an Experience Deficient Man

Notes of an Experience Deficient Man , Ink, 2006 《經驗匱乏者筆記》(印刻,2006)
I Love Luo,

I Love Luo , Ink, 2006 《我愛羅》(印刻,2006)
My Future Second Son’s Memories of Me

My Future Second Son’s Memories of Me , Ink, 2005 《我未來次子關於我的回憶》(印刻,2005)
Born Into the Twelfth Sign

Born Into the Twelfth Sign , Ink, 2005 《降生十二星座》(印刻,2005) 實為新版之《我們自夜闇的酒館離開》,二書除序文外,內容相同。

Us , Ink, 2004 《我們》(印刻,2004)
In the Distance

In the Distance , Ink, 2003 《遠方》(印刻,2003)
Banishing Mourning

Banishing Mourning , Ryefield, 2001 《遺悲懷》(麥田出版,2001)
Family of the Moon

Family of the Moon , United Daily News, 2000 《月球姓氏》(聯合文學,2000)
The Third Dancer

The Third Dancer , United Daily News, 1999 《第三個舞者》(聯合文學,1999)
Wife Dreams Dog

Wife Dreams Dog , Yuan Liou, 1998 《妻夢狗》(遠流出版公司,1998)
We Left a Tavern That Was Dark At Night

We Left a Tavern That Was Dark At Night , Crown, 1993 《我們自夜闇的酒館離開》(皇冠文化,1993)
Red Character Group

Red Character Group , United Daily News, 1993 《紅字團》(聯合文學,1993)


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